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Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels is critical in achieving and maintaining optimal health. There are at least 37 known tissues which contain vitamin D receptors (VDRs), demonstrating vitamin D’s widespread impact in the body and not just its critical role in promoting bone health. It is estimated that around 85% of Americans have insufficient/deficient levels of vitamin D, thus showing that inadequate vitamin D status is a global epidemic. Although the body can synthesize vitamin D, there are many factors that interfere with this process including inadequate sun exposure, sunscreen, age and air pollution. This makes it critical for many individuals to supplement with vitamin D to obtain sufficient levels.

Vitamin D supplementation may provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced longevity1
  • Protection against bone loss2
  • Reduced pain caused by neuropathy3
  • Decreased frequency of upper respiratory tract infections4
  • Mood enhancement5
  • Enhanced action of insulin6,7,8
  • Reduce muscle pain and increased strength9
Aceva’s Active D drops and Active D Plus are both excellent options for helping achieve sufficient vitamin D levels.

Active D Drops

In addition to vitamin D, the formula also contains vitamin k2 (as mk7), which helps ensure calcium is deposited in desirable tissues such as the bones and out of undesirable tissues such as the heart and arteries. Active D drops are a great option for those who do not like swallowing pills.

Active D Plus

Active D Plus contains 5,000 IU of vitamin D along with the essential cofactors necessary for vitamin D absorption and metabolism: vitamins A, E, K2, magnesium and zinc. This formula can be used by individuals who are just looking to maintain their current vitamin D status at the standard dosing of 1 capsule daily or by those who require higher amounts of vitamin D who may require higher dosing.

Sources and research abstracts

To view the research sources that were referenced here, visit the product’s page on and click on the “research” tab.

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